I have to say that all the IAB staff I have encountered have been a pleasure to work with. The can-do attitude and the sense of service to the customer runs right through the company from the CEO down – it is also clearly present in their contractors as well. IAB provide good old-fashioned service while maintaining the technical edge to provide a modern build.

IAB are a family firm and it was clear that establishing a close working relationship right from the start was a priority for them. They really wanted to understand the needs of the customer and the scope of the work as quickly as possible.

The firm has almost three decades of experience and has repeatedly shown an impressive level of knowledge of design solutions and the relevant regulations. They also have an extensive network of highly capable contractors and specialists to support them.

The support and advice during the design stage and throughout the building work has been impressive. The design work shows a good understanding of what is required and what is possible, while there is also good creativity (at pace) when novel solutions are required – this again demonstrates the broad experience within the company. They will also stand firm when the customer’s request would risk conflict with the regulations. However, they also listen to the customer and will respond to novel requests and come up with practical solutions. They will also be clear on the risks and implications if budget constraints limit what can be done – while understanding the realities of the situation.

The various IAB staff are always responsive, polite, and willing to help; no detail is too small.

IAB came to us on the strong recommendation from another lab build on the Science Park and we have not been disappointed; quite the opposite.

IAB do not do cheap and cheerful/quick and dirty. Their designs are well thought through and are planned with the aim of providing facilities that will reliably meet the specifications across the expected lifetime of the operation, and probably beyond.

I have no hesitation in recommending them and would use them again in the future.