C4911 - Glenfield Hopital-0001
C4911 - Glenfield Hopital-0002

Contract Value:- £ 29,824
Completed:- August 2013
Location:- Glenfield, Leicestershire

    • High level reagent shelving
    • Extra support benching
    • Full Cantilever with custom depths

iab were originally approached by Glenfield Hospital direct. The client then passed our details onto MTX Contracts with whom we worked to produce a working design for both the building and the end user. The result was a laboratory that would fit the needs of the end user, was completed on time and within budget. The lab is made up of our standard cantilever system with extra support legs in areas where heavy machines would be placed. There was a requirement for easily accessible storage within the labs. To increase storage we suggested a 2 tier reagent shelving system that they could add to if more storage was needed in the future.