Contract Value:- £420,000
Completed:- April 2018
Location:- Oxford Science Park, Oxford

    • iabs cantilevered bench system with mobile under bench storage.
    • New plastered dividing walls.
    • Suspended Ceilings.
    • LED lighting.
    • Fire alarm system.
    • Card key access control.
    • New electrical installation from the existing distribution.
    • Data cabling and patch panel installation.
    • Pump-assisted drainage system.
    • Special gas and alarm panel equipment.
    • Modified HVAC plant.
    • Vinyl flooring to laboratories and office carpet tiles.
    • Decorations throughout

All startup companies meet expansion in different ways and time scales. Evox was no exception when wanting to create their new Biotherapeutics Research and Development lab with a tight budget and the need to move quickly. Whilst compromises needed to be made the success of this and every project depends on teamwork and a high level of value engineering. This is where iab excel paying attention to every detail and concentrating on the main functions that make a laboratory work.

The project target here was to convert an existing 5000 square foot open plan office into two Meeting Rooms, Open Plan Office for 20 plus staff, Managers Offices, a Research and Development Laboratory, Quality Control Laboratory, two Tissue Culture Rooms and an Equipment Room to house an Autoclave, washing machine, water purifier, two -80 freezers, Liquid Nitrogen Generation Plant and a Nitrogen Freezer.

As part of the value engineering exercise, it was decided that the existing HVAC plant would have to be used and remodelled rather than be stripped out and provided with new HVAC equipment. An important part of developing new Laboratories for young companies is to provide the best you can with limited budgets and at the same time provide well-engineered solutions that impress new investors.

From the initial meeting, through the design stage to construction and completion took 14 weeks of dedication and hard work. Thanks to the cooperation of staff at Evox iab were able to turn this project around and achieve the required opening date.