C5010 - AAK - QC Laboratory Design - New Layout
C5010 - AAK - QC Laboratory Design - Site Plan

Contract Value:- £14,000
Completed:- November 2015
Location:- Hull

    • Detailed Design Drawings
    • Detailed Speciation
    • 3 designs submitted for approval
    • 6 Months working regular with the client
    • Full Tender Document Package
    • Support with questions after tender submitted

AarhusKarlshamn, a Swedish-Danish producer of high value food oil and fats, is a company iab have been working with to prepare a specific QC laboratory design and tender package. Six months of intense work came to an end when the design and tender package for AAK’s new QC lab and offices was completed in November 2015. A full HVAC system, tailor made fume cupboards and ventilated downdraft benches, suspended service gantries designed by our team, cantilevered perimeter and peninsular benches, mobile under bench storage and roller storage form part of the project. The QC laboratory design also includes a specialist gas system and a bespoke designed ventilated chemical disposal system. The design provides the client with a laboratory that takes account of all of their needs.