Laboratory Gases

Depending on the type of work that your business carries out you may or may not require laboratory gases. That said a growing part of our business is the design, installation and commissioning of laboratory gases.  In keeping with other parts of our business laboratory gases are designed and installed to suit each of our client’s particular demands. All work is carried out an accordance with the current BCGA Code of Practice (BCGA = British Compressed Gas Association). When considering your laboratory gas requirements it is important to determine the location of the gas bottle store or stores, the route into the building, the pipe sizes, bench outlet types and positions, the delivery  pressure to the laboratorythe outlet pressure at the point of use and the type of bench outlets to suit your equipment. All work is carried out by our specialist contractors who are fully qualified to perform the work. 

Depending on the demand from bottle store to your laboratory or laboratories you may only need a single bottle supply and manifold or multiple bottles to a single manifold or an installation with a large external Dewar to provide a large volume of gas. Alternatively, you may wish to consider gas generators either from a plant room installation or smaller on bench locations. Any installation can be as simple or as complicated as you require. iab can help you design, install and commission your new or existing systems. The installation of laboratory gases is a big investment, so it needs to be considered in the early stages of any design. 

The pictures below will provide a flavour of what iab and the team have been involved with. The pictures show a range of installations from simple single cylinder installations to larger Dewar and plant room nitrogen generator installations.