Mass Spec Vacuum Pump Enclosures

Noise and temperature control are always a concern within a working laboratory. Generally, temperature is controlled by HVAC systems which should be part of the overall laboratory design.

The containment of noise and temperature from localized machines is usually something that gets over looked and becomes a problem, this is where Mass Spec Vacuum Pump Enclosures come into play.

To assist in reducing the noise from this type of situation iab have developed a series of mobile under bench cabinets that are designed with sound proofing materials and temperature controlled fans.

The cabinets provide easy access to the equipment inside. A standard 600mm wide cabinet can accommodate either a single large pump or two smaller modules.

The cabinets can be designed and manufactured to any size or color. Mobile instrument benches with built in power trunking, bottle mounts and ventilation pipes supported by basket trays can be provided. Both designed to suit your personal requirements.

Our cabinets have 4 large capacity super quiet fans, moving a total air volume of 429.6 CFM at a low RPM of 2000 RPM at the high end. This keeps the pump cool without creating extra noise from the fans. A multi-channel fan controller with multi zone temperate sensors is used to control the speed of the fans. This means that we are able to run the fans at lower RPM when the pump isn’t working as hard and then automatically increase the fan speed which in turn increases the cooling.

Instrument laboratories need flexibility to enable service engineers to obtain safe and easy access for maintenance. iab are able to advise, design and manufacture a full range of instrument benches, dedicated ventilation systems for instrumentation and ventilated sound proofed cabinets.

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