Laboratory Furniture

Laboratory Furniture Styles-CantileverSystem-WallBench-Leg-Square

iab supply and install high quality laboratory furniture, worktops, fume cupboards and ancillary items such as sinks and taps giving an integrated appearance. In addition there is a full range of related storage and ancillary items to equip your laboratory completely. Our lab furniture range offers total co-ordination across our Fixed, Cantilever and Leg frame Systems.

Using AutoCAD design software and modern production methods,our suppliers are able to produce very high quality laboratory furniture. Our design and project team can produce the correct lab furniture design that meets all your needs whether it be a school, university or industrial application.

All furniture is installed by our highly trained installation teams who have years of experiences.  Working throughout the UK, Europe and around the World you can be safe in the knowledge you are dealing with a professional and experienced lab furniture supplier.