Our Fume Cupboards have been designed in compliance with European Standard EN14175

This is our Fume Cupboard with a work area that reaches down to the floor. These Fume Cupboards are most suited to large machinery installations for general uses and chemical engineering applications.

Our fume Cupboard comes in a choice of 3 widths with an internal height of 2300mm and is customisable with various outlet options and variable airflow operation allows for a completely flexible configuration.

Using Trespa and Stainless Steel, fire containment is available.


  • Flexible Configuration
  • Walk-In
  • Work area continues to floor.
  • Fire Resistance using Trespa and Stainless Steel (Optional)
  • Suitable for installation in Areas with Low Ceilings (2300mm Height/2500mm with Sash Completely Open)
  • Condensation Collection System on Exhaust Pipes
  • Easy Access to All Controls & Fully Illuminated Interior Provides a High Degree of Passive Safety