Large Assemblies with Low Work Surface

These Fume Cupboards include a continuous work surface set at a height of 500mm. Appropriate for large machinery installations in general laboratory use and chemical engineering applications


The fire contention capacity is guaranteed thanks to the double cabin wall made of M0 steel and the assistance of the alarm systems.

Easy maneuverability and access plus proper lighting provide a high degree of passive safety.

The 2500 mm minimum height permits its installation in rooms with height limitations, while the maximum height is 2600 mm. with the sash completely open.

Specification in Brief

  • Flexible Configuration
  • Fire Resistance using Adiprol® and Stainless Steel (Optional)
  • Suitable for installation in Areas with Low Ceilings (2300mm Height/2500mm with Sash Completely Open)
  • Condensation Collection System on Exhaust Pipes
  • Easy Access to All Controls & Fully Illuminated Interior Provides a High Degree of Passive Safety