General Use Fume Cupboard

Our general use Fume Cupboard has been designed in compliance with European Standard EN14175

This is our standard general use Fume Cupboard, designed for general laboratory use.

Our fume Cupboard comes in a range of sizes and is customisable with various outlet options and variable airflow operation allows for a completely flexible configuration.

Using Trespa and Stainless Steel, fire containment is available.

Specification in Brief

  • Flexible Configuration
  • Fire Resistance using Adiprol® and Stainless Steel (Optional)
  • Suitable for installation in Areas with Low Ceilings (2300mm Height/2500mm with Sash Completely Open)
  • Condensation Collection System on Exhaust Pipes
  • Easy Access to All Controls & Fully Illuminated Interior Provides a High Degree of Passive Safety