A small selection of our past projects over the last few years.

Polymer Development Laboratory

Polymer Development Laboratory

Contract Value:- £215,000
Completed:- July 2017
Location:- Wollaston, Wellingborough

  • Complete Turnkey Laboratory Refurbishment
  • All Fixtures And Fittings
  • All M&E Services
  • New AHU Input System
  • Standard & Walk-in Fume Cupboards

We were approached by our new client via our website and asked to meet them to discuss refurbing an existing Polymer Development Laboratory that had seen better days. From the first meeting, we discussed the requirements of the client and did a full survey as not existing building drawing existed at that time. From the details we gain, we design and price a full turnkey solution for the client. The biggest challenge was relating to the volume of air that the 7no. Fume Cupboard was going to be extracting from the room. To combat this we split the area into 2 rooms, one housing five standard FC’s and other having one standard and one walk-in FC’s. We then installed two AHU areas. Each rooms fume cupboards control the AHU. The large of the two is a 2 stage fan so that the client can run either a bank of 2 or the bank of 3 or all 5 together. The AHU will then balance the air depending on which group of FC’s are running. Air conditioning was installed in both labs to help with the heat from some of the equipment that was going to be installed. The client had recently had a new roof lining installed so that we didn’t affect the roof. We designed the extract to leave the room using the existing opening which we then weather sealed. For the fresh air ducting we removed the top of one of the windows and boxed it in. The furniture was designed to match the client existing lab. We also installed CAT 5 break tank to supply both this lab and the rest of the labs within the building.