A small selection of our past projects over the last few years.

Kirklees College Laboratory – Waterfront and PMC

Kirklees College Laboratory – Waterfront and PMC

Contract Value:- £64,500.00
Completed:- October 2019
Location:- Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

  • Turnkey College Laboratory
  • All Fixtures and Fittings
  • All M&E Services
  • Flamefast Gas Detection/Shutoff System
  • Break tank installed

iab were originally approached by Kirklees College for fitting out the PMC College Laboratory. At the same time, the college had been let down by another contractor for fitting out the Waterfront College Laboratory. The college asked us if we could do the fit-out of the Waterfront in a short time scale. We agreed and were awarded both the Waterfront and PMC College Laboratories

We started with Waterfront lab within 2 weeks of being awarded the contract to ensure the project could be completed whilst the college was closed for summer. The project involved the conversion of the existing computer room. The existing carpet was stripped out and replaced with a Polysafe Verona vinyl floor first. We then modified the existing trunking to suit the higher bench heights. The furniture in this new lab needed to match the existing lab next door. To do this we installed welded table leg frame benching for the students with Trespa Toplab Base worktops. Each student bench required power, vacuum & natural gas outlets for the student to use. Along the back of the lab, we installed 3 student sinks with natural gas and vacuum outlets between them. For the safety students, we also installed a Flamefast gas detection system/shutoff system. The last thing we did was installed a mobile fume cupboard for us within this room.

Once we had finished the Waterfront lab we moved onto to fit out of the PMC. This area was originally a workshop. The existing floor was suitable for lab conductions and just needed some minor repairs after the walls were removed. As with the Waterfront, the client wanted to keep the type of furniture to match with the other labs the college has. The cill height was low, to accommodate this we installed extra panelling to make the install look professional from the outside. Like the other lab, we installed a bench for the sinks for the students to use. Each bench was installed with the same services. A teachers bench was also installed to allow the teacher to perform demos from. This bench needed a sink but didn’t have any gravity fed drains. So we installed a lift drain pump for the waste. This lab also had two extra rooms adjacent to it that both needed furniture installing. One was a storeroom and the second was a pre room, this already had a vented fume cupboard installed. To complete the lab we installed a Flamefast gas detection system/shutoff system. To meet water separation for the WRAS requirements, we installed a brand new CAT5 break tank for the water taps within this area.