A small selection of our past projects over the last few years.

Laboratories of the future

We have designed and completed many bespoke laboratories.

  • The Institute of Cancer Research – Labs 1w12.2 and 1W11.2

    Contract Value: £11,000
    Completed:- August 2013
    Location:- Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton London

    Iab was approached by the Institute of Cancer Research to discuss becoming there new furniture supplier. Their have a one off cantilever furniture system.

  • Glenfield Hospital – Respiratory Hospital – Labs S10 & S19

    Contract Value:- £ 29,824
    Completed:- August 2013
    Location:- Glenfield, Leicestershire

    Iab where original approached by the Glenfield Hospital directly, the result was a laboratory that would fit the needs of the end user and within budget.

  • Helsby High School – Kontor

    Contract Value:- £ 24,300
    Completed:- August 2013
    Location:- Frodsham, Cheshire

    Iab was approached by Kontor to provide a quotation for the laboratory furniture for 2 science class rooms at Helsby High School.

  • Ermysteds Grammar School – Phase 3

    Contract Value:- £46,000
    Completed: – January 2013
    Location:- Skipton, North Yorkshire

    Following the successful completion phase 1 and 2, iab were invited to tender for the Ermysteds Grammar School – Phase 3 of there laboratory furniture

  • Leicester MRC – Door and Drawer Front Replace – Phase 1 & 2

    Contract Value:- £10,397
    Completed:- November 2012
    Location:-Leicester, Leicestershire

    Iab where approached by Leicester MRC to quote for a small door and drawer replacement. We successful completed the project quickly and professional

  • Spire Healthcare Elstree – Phase 2

    Contract Value:- £146,000
    Completed:- November 2012
    Location:- Elstree, Hertfordshire

    Spire Healthcare Elstree pathology laboratory is Spire’s largest pathology laboratory within the UK. Elstree, Hertfordshire. Full Internal Fit-out.

  • Trimega Manchester – DNA Testing Lab

    Contract Value:- £23,700
    Completed:- September 2012
    Location:- Hexagon Tower, Manchester

    This project was for a DNA Testing Lab involved the supply and installation of iab furniture and associated mechanical and electrical services.

  • Cellular Pathology Services – Phase 2

    Contract Value:- £72,000
    Completed:-  September 2012
    Location:- Watford, Hertfordshire

    After completing Phase 1 in 2010, Cellular Pathology Services returned to iab to carry out the refit of their remaining space.

  • Outwood Grange Academy

    Contract Value:- £39,000
    Completed:- July 2012
    Location:- Wakefield, West Yorkshire

    iab was approached by Outwood Grange Academy to complete a full refurbishment of one of their existing teaching labs. We under took a complete refurbishment.

  • Convatec – Stability Laboratory Suite

    Contract Value:- £50,600
    Completed:- June 2012
    Location:- Deeside, North Wales

    We where approached by Trustland, the main contractor for Convatec, to help them develop a design for a Stability Laboratory Suite.